Baddayshashon Collection Points

Collection Point


A Collection Point (CP) is a physical trading place for producers and farmers suffering from a lack of market linkages, information, and access to better transportation systems. People are dependent on market systems for their livelihoods. Changing those market systems to work more effectively and sustainably for them will improve their livelihoods and consequently reduce poverty. CPs offer sufficient support from the buyers for small-scale producers by providing proper access to the local market. CPs act as additional support to households to turn around consumption and sales of their produce. Local farmers can bring agricultural commodities from their farms where buyers from all locations can purchase the available commodity at mutually agreed prices and conditions.

Success story of Baddayshashon CP

A. Malik Fazlu is a farmer and president of Baddayshason CP at Kulaura, Moulvibazar since its establishment in November 2017. Fazlu mostly grows green vegetables and seasonal vegetables. “The collection point is near my house and is just one kilometer away for most farmers. We have around 50 - 60 producers coming to the collection point to sell their produce,” said Fazlu. The purpose of CPs is to develop a direct linkage between farmers and buyers, which helps farmers to cultivate market demand-based produce, and demand higher prices. This facilitates access to small producers especially woman producers to sell their extra produce after consumption and earn. CPs reduce different types of distress selling and bring services required by the producer to increase productivity. “We encourage female producers to come and sell their extra produce. For instance, even if one woman brings in two gourds from her homestead farm, we will sell the vegetables to the buyer,” said Fazlu. Since the CP’s establishment in 2017, it has helped many households and producers to easily sell their products to buyers and earn money. Buyers come and purchase crops worth approximately BDT 130,000 to BDT 170,000 on a monthly basis with an increased trend every year.


“We are saving both time and money through the collection point. It is helping farmers with production planning, selling their produce, and eventually encouraging them to increase their production increasing their household incomes.”

A.Malik Fazlu, 59 Kulaura, Moulvibazar

  • The establishment of CPs help ensure enhanced income opportunities for small scale farmers. CPs address market barriers to achieving systemic change and help members aggregate produce for sales to buyers
  • It involves planning together in groups for particular agricultural products which have higher market demand in the region. After planning, farmers cultivate in sequence so that they can harvest in bulk at the same time
  • All produce is assembled in an agreed place. CPs inform buyers of the date and venue of the collection point. In most of the cases, after household consumption of poor farmers, very little produce (mainly vegetables, poultry, and fish) is left over for sales. CPs enable these smallholder farmers to aggregate their produce and sell them


Success story of Baddayshashon CP

  • Market mapping and feasibility assessment for CP
  • Meetings with producers and different stakeholders for CP formation
  • Linkage meetings with buyers and producers
  • Inception session of CPs
  • Facilitate Collection Point Management Committee (CPMC) to organise promotional activities
  • Capacity building workshop and training for CPMCs


Benefits of CPs

Prior to the establishment of the CPs, Fazlu said, farmers had to travel 5 km to 8 km every time they wanted to sell their produce. But now, they can decrease the logistical and transportation costs and save money.

“We are saving both time and money through the collection point. It is helping farmers with production planning, selling their produce, and eventually encourages them to increase their production and household incomes,” said Fazlu.

The benefits of collection points include:

  • building a direct link between beneficiaries and market actors
  • helping sellers identify local buyer and connect distance buyer for bulk quantity
  • supporting actors in the broader market to strengthen their market system
  • providing strategic and operational advice on market development
  • inclusion of women in the market system
  • helping women to increase their social network
  • facilitating a win-win situation for private sector actors, farmer groups, and associations in a broader agricultural setting

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