On-farm Income Generating Activity (Chicken)

On-farm IGA (Chicken)


Suchana’s primary goal is to reduce malnutrition and stunting in children in Sylhet and Moulvibazar. Suchana uses a coordinated, multi-sectoral and comprehensive approach to ensure improved nutrition and livelihoods to achieve this goal. Suchana’s income generating activities (IGA) have helped households with limited resources to rear ducks, among other initiatives, to generate income.

Farhana’s Success Story

24-year-old Farhana Yeasmin lives in the village of Kandi Para in Sylhet. Her husband is a day labourer and used to be the sole earner in the family. Farhana has two children, both of whom are below the age of 10. Managing a family on her husband’s income alone was difficult. The situation worsened when her husband could not find work and the family had to go without any income for days. However, Farhana found a glimmer of hope when she was introduced to Suchana in 2018. She chose to rear chickens from Suchana’s income generating activity (IGA) programme and received 18 chickens as part of her IGA initiative. Over the next 2 years, Farhana received technical support from Suchana to raise chickens. Suchana introduced her to the use of earthen bowls for chickens to lay eggs, which has helped her significantly improve output. This has been a new concept to her community and has worked well for everyone. Suchana connected her to vaccinators who would come routinely to vaccinate her chickens. She also established a contract with a wholesaler who comes regularly to buy eggs from her. Farhana uses a major portion of the chicken and eggs to fulfill the protein requirement of her family. She sells the extra 200-250 eggs after consumption and earns around BDT 3,000 per month, which provides her with an opportunity to afford a better living and a great buffer for the days her husband cannot earn. She believes that her life has improved a lot after she took up raising chickens as an income generating activity. Farhana wants to set up a commercial chicken farm in the future.



We did not know a lot of things. We were homemakers who could not go out and we did not have any scope to learn new things. Because of Suchana, we could learn and improve our lives.

-Farhana Yeasmin,24
Kandi Para, Sylhet

  • 94% of Phase 1 (2018) IGA poultry beneficiaries were involved in poultry rearing
  • 72% IGA BHHs increased access to quality input
  • 63% of BHHs generating profits or increased IGA asset value from Income Generating Activities