On-farm Income Generating Activity (Sheep)

On-farm IGA (Sheep)


To address immediate or direct causes of undernutrition and stunting among children in Sylhet, Suchana has implemented a range of nutritionsensitive interventions. These interventions enable beneficiary households to develop livelihood strategies that support more sustained consumption gains, food security, and income.

Suchana organised technical training, linkage building workshops, and mentoring sessions. Beneficiaries gained knowledge about modern farming practices, livestock rearing and on-farm and post-harvest management.

Income generating activities like these support positive nutrition outcomes through increased income. Poor households are equipped with productive assets to generate sustainable income so that families can afford a nutritious diet.

Roni Begum’s success story

Roni Begum is an 18-year-old adolescent girl from Uttar Jangal Hata village of Laxmipasha Union in Golapganj Upazila under Sylhet District. She lives with her parents, two sisters and one brother. Roni’s family was suffering from a financial crisis and was burdened with debt to fulfill daily needs. Roni and her siblings had to discontinue studies after completing primary education due to their financial situation.

Their main source of income was from seasonal agricultural crop production, but it was a big challenge to survive daily life. Due to unhealthy lifestyles and lack of nutrition practices, Roni’s family members frequently suffered from diseases and malnutrition. These problems continued until they were introduced to Suchana.

About two years ago, a member of the Suchana team came to Roni’s house to collect information about her family. Roni then attended a Suchana orientation meeting, where she decided to change her life by becoming a Suchana beneficiary.

After engaging with Suchana, Roni received two sheep worth BDT 8,000 as starting capital. She is part of a Business Group and received three pieces of training on improving production techniques, vegetable cultivation and livestock rearing. In the reporting year 2019-2020, a total of 11,652 eligible on-farm IGA holders were trained mostly on poultry, goat, and sheep rearing.



“Thanks to Suchana, I am able to expand my business by breeding sheep. Now, I want to sell some of my
stock and buy cows.”

Roni Begum, 18
Golapganj, Sylhet District

  • Percentage of beneficiary households generating profits or increased asset value through IGA (out of 100,000 beneficiaries) Year 1 - 18.4% Year 2 - 42% Year 3 - 63%
  • Number of beneficiary households trained on IGA Year 1 - 29,950 Year 2 - 33,135 Year 3 - 14,265
  • Percentage of registered beneficiary households to access quality input from public and private sector Year 1 - 95.12% Year 2 - 72% Year 3 - 64.9%


Roni receives vegetable seeds from Suchana and also attended business planning training, production and sales planning meetings, and linkage meetings with private sector actors and public sector actors. Suchana also connected her with the Upazilla Livestock Office and Renata Limited to access improved rearing practices, vaccine services, and other related information including disease management.

Roni began her journey with only 2 sheep, and now she has 16 lambs. She sells 2 lambs for BDT 10,000 and buys a male sheep to ensure buck service for her female sheep. Currently, she has 14 sheep of which 5 are pregnant. Her livestock has a market value of approximately BDT 80,000.

Roni is one of thousands of other beneficiaries who are fighting poverty with the help of Suchana. Roni wants her younger sister to continue her education. Her sheep business has encouraged farmers, especially women farmers, in her community to access quality inputs and services. She has influenced the expansion of the sheep rearing practices in her community.


Purpose of sheep rearing as an income generating activity (IGA)

Sheep rearing has been chosen as one of the most significant income generating activities, with the following aims in mind:

  • Enhanced income opportunities
  • Increase in savings and assets for investment and risk management
  • Increase adaptive capacity in response to risk
  • Improved production and consumption of nutrition foods


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