What We Do


What We Do

Suchana is driving an accelerated rate of reduction in the incidence of stunting, amongst children under two years of age in two districts of Sylhet. The programme aims for at least 2 percentage point additional reduction per year (total 6 percentage points additional reduction in 3 years of interventions) against a current annual decline of 1.4 percentage point/year in the rate of stunting among children under two. Suchana catalyses support across government and other stakeholders for a coordinated, multi-sectoral approach to break the intergenerational cycle of undernutrition in Bangladesh.


Target Population and Target Group

The Suchana programme is targeting households who are the most vulnerable to undernutrition, specifically those with adolescent girls and women of reproductive age. It will directly reach approximately 235,500 households (focusing 15-45 years women/ 1.4 million people).

Goal & Objectives

The primary goal of Suchana is to achieve a significant reduction in the incidence of stunting among young children in the districts of Sylhet and Moulvibazar in Sylhet division.

  • Improving nutrition governance
  • Improved access to and utilization of nutrition specific and sensitive services
  • Tackling economic barriers to nutrition
  • Building knowledge, skills and power
  • Generating robust evidence of impact


Programme Design

Replicability, sustainability and scalability



The programme adopts an integrated approach to nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive interventions and aims to develop a sustainable and replicable model that can be scaled.